2D/3D Mammography

Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

What to expect & how to prepare

  • 2D/3D Mammography: Mammograms are images of your breasts obtained with extremely low dose x-rays. The images are obtained with slight compression of the breasts which is an important technique for seeing your breast tissue. Both 2D and 3D studies require compression and are similar for the patient. With 3D, the machine moves in an arc while the images are taken, allowing computers to create many thin slices through the breast tissue for the radiologist to interpret. The 3D technique helps in finding small cancers and results in fewer workup studies being needed after a screening study. Please inform schedulers and technologists if you are or could be pregnant and if you are breastfeeding. Please inform schedulers and technologists if you have a new symptom or problem with your breasts, such as lump, swelling, skin or nipple changes as this will usually mean a diagnostic study is necessary with a doctor’s order needed. You will be asked to disrobe from the waist up and change into a short gown. On the day of your mammogram please refrain from wearing deodorant, perfume or lotion from the waist to the neck. If your prior breast imaging studies are from another site, please sign the release of records form so we can get these for comparison.

Form: Breast Imaging Exam Form


2D: $169-$209

3D: $224-$264

*Accepted Insurances

*Specific pricing depends on location on the body, contrast, type of service, etc.

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*Our exam prices are 30-60% less than hospitals

All prices include both the radiologist interpretation and imaging fees.