What to expect & how to prepare

  • Fluoroscopy: Fluoroscopy is an x-ray technique looking at the body in real-time and is often done with contrast introduced orally, rectally, thru an IV or into a joint space. As fluoroscopy uses radiation, please inform scheduling personnel and your technologist if you are or could possibly be pregnant. Many of these studies require preliminary exam preparation. Specific instructions for preparation will be provided at the time of scheduling. More about the individual studies we perform can be found on our website.

Forms: Hysterosalpingogram screening form or MR Arthrography form



*Accepted Insurances

*Specific pricing depends on location on the body, contrast, type of service, etc.

*Contact us for more information on pricing 913-319-8450


*Our exam prices are 30-60% less than hospitals

All prices include both the radiologist interpretation and imaging fees.