Nuclear Medicine

What to expect & how to prepare 

  • Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear medicine is a way of looking at body structure and function using radioactive isotopes. A tiny amount of the radioactive substance may be given orally, injected into an IV or inhaled, depending on the body part we are evaluating. Wear comfortable clothing for your exam, although you may be asked to change into a gown. Please inform scheduling personnel and your technologist if there is any possibility of pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding. Jewelry and other metallic accessories should be left at home if possible, or removed prior to the exam because they may interfere with the imaging. After the radioactive substance is given, you may be imaged immediately and/or at various times during the next 24 hours depending on the test. This will be explained to you at the time of scheduling.


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*Specific pricing depends on location on the body, contrast, type of service, etc.

*Our exam prices are 30-60% less than hospitals

All prices include both the radiologist interpretation and imaging fees.