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  • MRI: MR imaging is a way of viewing the body using a powerful magnet, radio frequency waves, and computers. The magnet is ALWAYS on. Safety is our top priority, and all safety issues will be discussed with you prior to entering the MR suite. Tell us at scheduling time if you have any of the following: pacemaker, implantable defibrillator, cochlear implants, aneurysm clips, implanted pumps, catheters, medication patches, spinal rods, joint replacement, plates/screws (bone repair) or injury to eye involving a metallic object or fragment. Please notify scheduler and technologist if you are pregnant or allergic to MRI contrast (gadolinium). For some MR studies, you will need to be fasting, and for MR prostate exams you will need to take a Fleets enema the night before or the morning of your exam. The need for these specific preps will be discussed with you at the time of scheduling. All MR patients will change into a gown. All metal must be removed prior to entering the MR suite (including jewelry, phones, hairpins, etc). Once all safety questions have been addressed, you will enter the MR suite and be placed on a table which slides into the open-ended tube. You may require an IV injection of contrast for some types of studies. Holding still is extremely important for getting good quality images, so make sure you are comfortable. Creating the images is noisy and you will be offered ear protection. Exam times range between 25-45 minutes, depending on the body part being examined. We have several options for patients who may have had difficulty having an MRI due to size issues or claustrophobia. We can discuss our options with you at the time of scheduling.

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$723-1,732 Cash Price: $542.25 – 1,299 (contact for pricing)

*Accepted Insurances

*Specific pricing depends on location on the body, contrast, type of service, etc.

*Contact us for more information on pricing 913-319-8450

*Our exam prices are 30-60% less than hospitals

All prices include both the radiologist interpretation and imaging fees.